facebook ad coupon code 2018

Valid free facebook ad coupon code validity 2018 can be used to promote and boost facebook content with 30$ to 1000$ Free points.

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Here is complete guide for activation of  facebook advertising coupon code .

To activate fb coupon code you need to first open ads/manager> billing section > add payment > choose payment method > select > facebook coupon code > enter coupon code > apply > Amount will be added to your account > check Available Balance .

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Activate a Facebook advertising coupon

Facebook advertising coupons are a form of payment for your Facebook ads. They can be used for advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram, depending on the type of coupon. Before trying to add an advertising coupon to your account, learn more about the basics of what advertising coupons are and how they work.

Depending on how you’re offered a coupon, you’ll have to either create an ad or enter a coupon code to activate one on your ad account. This article explains:

  • How to activate a coupon if you got an email or in-product promotion (like a notification) offering one to you.
  • How to activate a coupon if you have a coupon code but haven’t advertised on Facebook before.
  • How to activate a coupon if you have a coupon code and have already advertised on Facebook.
  • Common reasons why you may be unable to add a coupon to your account.

How to activate a coupon if you received a coupon offer in an email or in-product promotion

If you received a coupon offer while using Facebook or through facebookmail.com, take these steps to claim your offer.

Steps to activate a coupon from an email or in-product promotion

How to activate a coupon if you have a coupon code

If you have a coupon code, the steps to activating your coupon depend on whether you’ve advertised on Facebook before.

Steps to activate an advertising coupon if you have a coupon code and this your first ad on Facebook
Steps to activate a coupon if you have a coupon code and you’re already an advertiser

Why can’t I add my coupon to my account?

If you’re having trouble adding your advertising coupon to your ad account, it may be because:

  • Something went wrong, and there was an error applying the coupon to your account. If this happens:

    • Ensure you have a valid payment method connected to your ad account by going to your Payment Settings. If you don’t, you can add a new payment method.
    • Cancel your promotion, wait a few hours and then try to claim your offer again.
  • The coupon is invalid or has expired.
  • The coupon has already been used, either on your account or on an account that shares a credit card with your account.
  • The number of free promotional uses for the coupon has been reached.
  • Your account has used a coupon in the past.
  • The coupon is for new advertisers only, and your account is too old to redeem the code.

Please make sure you’ve read the terms, conditions or procedures applicable to your advertising credit.

If none of these situations apply, please contact our support team.

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