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free mobile roulette game,how to win sports betting,world football, Akshay Kumar & The Saga of Overdose

Don't be shocked by that headline, he's never OD'ed on any substance. But Akshay Kumar despite all the stardom under his belt, has not been able to get one recipe right.


90s: Overdoing of Khiladi Action: In the 90s, he was found overdosing on action films, most of which turned out to be flops. It wasn't until the end the decade that he realised he needs to break the shackles.


2000s: Overdosing of silly comedies: Yes we loved him in several of those including Garam Masala, Phir Hera Pheri, Deewane Huye Pagal etc. But did he keep himself in check? No. He went berserk doing one trashy comedy after the other until people intervened and told him they weren't interested anymore.


2010s: Overdosing of Nationalism: As soon as Akshay realised he needs to reinvent himself, he started doing movies filled with Nationalism one after the other. Not that we complained (at least initially), but does Mr. Kumar learn quickly? Of course not.


What do you think he's going to overdose on now? The pandemic has so far put a break on movie releases, but we'll soon find out his inclination.


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