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Volleyball Jumping

Volleyball jumping skills are important for success in volleyball. If you're new to jump training, as a beginner, it's important to get a grasp on the concepts behind plyometric activities. Learn about training concepts such as eccentric versus concentric strength. Also, study about the importance of the stretch-shortening cycle (the counter-movement of the legs) and how this factors into the ability to start moving quick.

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Volleyball Plyometrics - Jump Training for Volleyball Players

Good vertical jump height is a great skill to possess both offensively and defensively in volleyball. The ability to jump higher can provide a better angle and potentially more force when spiking the ball, especially for a player who lacks physical height. It can also help in defending a spiked ball from an opponent. The following plyometric drills and exercises are designed to help volleyball players learn to jump higher. Volleyball Plyometrics – Part One

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http://kbandstraining.com/volleyball-drills-for-improved-spiking/Click the link above and learn how to use this drill along with the many other volleyball dr...

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Jump Training for Volleyball Players. August 29, 2018. A volleyball player has to jump many times during a game. According to the statistics, on average a volleyball player jumps 80 – 100 times during a match. The statistics also says that a volleyball player has to jump 4 – 5 times to earn a point for his/her team.

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The jump float can be a devastating serve to receive and is probably one of the best serves any player can learn. You will see this serve used heavily in Olympic games. Just by adding the jump to the float, you are able to add more power, height, and directionality to the serve.