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4061 Hits. Many people who play tennis, are unaware of the level they play at. Learn the ...

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Ultimately, your rating is based on your match results. If you are unsure of your level, choose the higher level of play. Once you've read the descriptions, you can create a free USTA account and self-rate your tennis level at any time. Click here for guidelines on self-rating. Click here for characteristics of each NTRP level.

How to Determine Your Tennis Playing Level

Learn the differences in the playing levels with this simple chart. 1.0. This player is Just ...

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Here are the steps: Take a Tennis Ratings Quiz. Learn the rating levels. Find players to help ...

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The USTA defines player levels on a scale from 1.0 to 7.0 in its National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). A condensed version appears below. Take a few moments to determine your likely playing level. 1.0 Just starting to play tennis 1.5 Has limited experience and is still working primarily on getting the ball into play. 2.0 Needs on-court experience.

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Please use the following guidelines to determine your skill level: 1.0. This player is just starting to play tennis. 1.5. You have limited experience and are working primarily on getting the ball in play. 2.0. You lack court experience and your strokes need developing. You are familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles play. 2.5

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If you have confidence in your strokes, direction, control and depth of the ball, and if your repertoire of shots is starting to include lobs, overheads and net play, your level would be 4.0. Jump to the 4.5 level if you are able to confidently get points off of your first serve and place your second serve with accuracy, and if you also are hitting with power and spin, and able to dictate pace.

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You are working on getting the ball into play consistently, and are learning the terms associated with the game and how to score. When looking for tennis partners, find players at your level or a 2 – 2.5 to help you get better, but not get bored with your skill level. A great Tennis coach near you would be very beneficial at this stage. Your best bet is to play, play, play to work on your consistency.