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List of Top 15 Traditional (Desi) Games of India

Indian Traditional Indoor Games 1. Chaupar/Pachisi. Pachisi, a board game, was quite popular in ancient India. The game finds its mention in the... 2. Pallankuzhi. It is one of the famous games which was played in ancient South India. Pallankuzhi is believed to have... 3. Gutte/Five Stones. Gutte is ...

The Indian Games of Pachisi, Chaupar, and Chausar

Pachisi “board” with men. The Museum of the University of Pennsylvania owns several “boards”–they are actually made of cloth–used for playing the games known in India as pachisi (pacisi), chaupar (caupara), and chausar (causara). One of these is illustrated here. In the United States and elsewhere in the Western world a modified version of these Indian games, variously called pacheesi, pachisi, parcheesi, chessindia, or the like, has been known for almost a century and enjoys ...

About Sports and Games of India and World: Chess, Ladders ...

Games of India Chess. Shatranj or chaturanga are the ancient names for Chess. Archaeologist found the remains of this game roughly,... Kho-Kho. Kho Kho was originated in India in the 3rd century. Therefore, kho kho is one of the oldest tag games in India... Polo. Polo is played riding on horses ...

15 Outdoor Indian Games on the verge of extinction

Pic: america.pink. Gilli Danda is a game very similar to cricket and baseball; its popularity in India once rivalled that of cricket. The game is played with a small piece of wood reduced on both sides known as gilli and a large piece of wood that is used to hit the gilli known as danda.

The best games on PC from Indian creators | TechRadar

(Image credit: Ogre Head Games) 2. Asura. A rogue-like game, Asura has been available since 2017. Ausra is a top-down game that is set in a fantasy world, and the players’ skill tree changes ...

Top 17 Online Fantasy Gaming Companies in India | Fantasy Games

Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for this gaming company. It leads to many other online gaming platforms because players win reward prizes by playing in 30+ games and it covers 4 crore players across India. Games like pool, ludo, goride, pro cricket, fruit chop, crossing gaps, and many more are available here.

15 Best Open World Games To Play In 2021 | Top Games Like GTA

An open-world environment in video games generally feels like a different universe in which players can do all sorts of activities. And undoubtedly, w hen it comes to open-world games, the Grand ...

10 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS (2021) | Beebom

1. Call of Duty: Mobile. Last year, Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for both Android and iOS to give a stiff competition to PUBG Mobile. Fast forward now and the game has amassed a healthy community in India, just like PUBG Mobile.

20 Free Games Like Minecraft, Fun Block Building Games

Here are top 20 free games like Minecraft, with some amazing features that allow you to create, build, and share your own world. Minecraft has taken the video game world by storm ever since the game was first released in 2011. Started as an indie game developed by Mojang, Minecraft offers a simple concept of gameplay.