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The overall length of a professional regulation size Tennis court is 78 feet or 23.77 meters or 26 yards. Tennis Court Width. The same rules apply to the width of a Tennis court. Regulation Tennis courts have specific guidelines. The typical width is approximately 36 feet or 10.97 meters. In yards, that’s about 12.

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The key dimensions are the overall length and width. A regulation size tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. In singles, players can only access the 27 ft. In doubles, players get access to the full 36 feet of court.

Tennis Court Dimensions & Measurements

Below are some important guidelines to help you correctly measure your tennis court. Size of a Tennis Court (Standard) The minimum suggested length of a tennis court is 120 ft. and the minimum suggested width is 60 ft., giving 7,200 sq. ft. (minimum) of total area needed for a single one court.

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A proper tennis court is 78 feet long, with a width of 27 feet for singles matches and 36 feet for doubles matches. The service line is 21 feet from the net. Overall, the court measures 60 feet wide and 120 feet long when taking into account the clear space around the court allowing for players to reach for overrun balls. The net in the middle of the court ends up stretching the full width of the court, parallel with the baselines.

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The basic dimensions of a tennis court are 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width. On the sides it is 39 feet. The court must be divided across the center by a net suspended by a cord or a metal cable which has to pass over or be attached to 2 net posts at a height of 3 and a half feet.

Tennis Court Dimensions – How Big Is A Tennis Court

Key Tennis Court Dimensions. Overall Length: 78 ft / 23.77 m; Overall Width: 27 ft / 8.23 m ...

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Tennis Court Length (Singles and Doubles): 78 feet (23.77 m) Tennis Court Width (Singles: 27 feet (8.23m) Tennis Court Width (Doubles): 36 feet (10.97m) Tennis net posts height: 3-1/2 feet (1.07m) Tennis net height (at center): 3 feet (0.914m) Maximum diameter of cord or metal net cable: 1/3 inch (0.8cm) Maximum width of strap for net: 2 inches (5cm)

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The overall size of a tennis doubles court is 36 feet wide by 78 feet long. The singles court is slightly narrower measuring 27 feet wide. Both singles and doubles courts share the same length. The service court fits inside the singles width of the court (27 feet wide) and extends back from the net 21 feet.