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creation and use of space. The winners of a game of Rugby will be the team of players who can get themselves and the ball into space and use that space wisely, while denying the opposing team both possession of the ball and access to space in which to use it. The Game 3 A Beginner’s Guide to Rugby Union The field of play It’s simple... but complex

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Second thing to note about rugby union rules for beginners is that scoring a goal by crossing the end line and touching it on the ground is called a TRY. A TRY is so called because in the days of yore, points were awarded only for kicking the ball between the goal posts. So when one crossed the line, it was a good try ol’ chap but no cigar. You were then given a chance to kick the ball to see if you can convert your try into a goal.

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A ruck is formed if the ball is on the ground and one or more players from each team who are on their feet close around it. Players must not handle the ball in the ruck, and must use their feet to move the ball or drive over it so that it emerges at the team’s hindmost foot, at which point it can be picked up.

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We found the rugby union rules quite confusing, everybody wanted to explain all rules to us in just a few sentences. Scrums, tries, rucks, try line etc etc ....

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Rugby Union Rules for Beginners 1. Rugby Union Offside Rule. The rugby offside law is the first of 5 basic rugby union rules for beginners. The offside... 2. Forward Pass in Rugby. A forward pass is an illegal part of play. You are not allowed to pass the ball forward to any... 3. 'Knock on' ...

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Ninh explains the Rules of Rugby Union. A beginner's explanation of Rugby Rules.Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Rugby Union under IRFB, ...

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What are the basic rules? 1 Grounds. Rugby grounds have lines everywhere! Some solid, some dashed. What do they all mean and which are most... 2 Equipment. It's not round so it's a bit of a weird shape for a ball! True, but it does make the game pretty... 3 Players. One of the simple rules - maximum ...

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RUGBY UNION RULES 1. The Aim Of The Game. The aim during a game of rugby union is to score more points than the opposition by running, kicking and passing the oval-shaped ball over the designated tryline or by kicking it over the ‘H-shaped’ posts. You can run with the ball, kick it and pass it.