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What Is a Cap in Soccer? The Meaning and History of the Term ...

In soccer, a cap is the term used to describe how many international games a player has participated in. The term originated in England where players were given a physical cap to commemorate their involvement in an international game. Players no longer receive a physical cap, but the term is still used.

What Is A Cap in Soccer?

We mentioned in the introduction that a cap is a word used to refer to an international appearance for their country by a soccer player. When they play their first international game, it is called their first cap or being capped for the first time. Each additional appearance adds to the number of caps a player has.

What Is a Cap in Soccer? - Reference.com

A cap is an award given to a soccer player who represents his country in international matches. Each time a player participates in an international match, he is "capped." Many soccer players have been capped, and several have reached 100 or more caps for representing their countries internationally. The top cap earner is Ahmed Hassan of Egypt with 184 caps.

What does the soccer term capped mean? - Answers

They are mainly given for International matches. When a player plays for their country, they win a cap. Interestingly, the players actually receive a cap, i have attached a link of a cap, they...

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What Is The Definition Of Cap In Soccer? This term is used to describe an appearance in an international match. The number of caps for international player is recorded, so certain players hold records for the most caps, whether it’s for a specific team, a specific country or overall among other players. Though the term did derive from the caps awarded to players competing at the international level, physical caps are no longer given out for these appearances.

What does a 'cap' mean in soccer? - Answers

A player who has played in 50 international matches has fifty caps.The originIt stems from the old days when the players were issued commemorative "caps" for the game; the term has simply...

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In sport, a cap is a player's appearance in a game at international level. The term dates from the practice in the United Kingdom of awarding a cap to every player in an international match of association football. In the early days of football, the concept of each team wearing a set of matching shirts had not been universally adopted, so each side would distinguish itself from the other by wearing a specific sort of cap. An early illustration of the first international football match between Sc

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Sports An appearance by a player in an international soccer game, traditionally rewarded with a hat. tr.v. capped, cap·ping, caps. 1. To cover, protect, or seal with a cap. 2. To award a special cap to as a sign of rank or achievement: capped the new women nurses at graduation. 3.