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Baseball Pitch vs Tennis Serve

But Tim's left is higher at the start as in a tennis serve and his right rotates over the top as in a tennis serve. As far as the shoulder rotating more, a tennis player release their energy in a more upward trajectory because they are throwing the racket at the ball above them and the pitcher is throwing at the plate in front of them.

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Serving in tennis is mostly done with the upper body while pitching in baseball is mostly the lower body. When you throw a pitch in baseball you are basically twisting your spine and elbow in ways that they do not naturally bend.

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Thanks for posting. I love tennis and love serving. It feels like pitching but the difference is the more vertical approach. If you could post some video here for analysis it would help but I speculate that increasing velocity with your serve will involve converting ground reaction forces in a vertical position into external rotation of the racket arm.

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In baseball, a pitcher cannot throw a pitch out of your reach and still be within the strike zone. And then there's all the severe angles you can serve the ball in tennis which stretches the receiver out even more, and which you cannot do in baseball because the pitcher has to pitch from the mound and into the narrow width of the strike zone.

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In the end if you never played tennis at a high level, you would have no chance at returning the 140mph serve. If you have ever played baseball at any level you could hit a 95mph pitch. First of all, the more spin on the serve, the slower it goes. You're not going to be facing a drastically slicing 140 mph serve.

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Repeated external rotation in the tennis serve can lead to increased shoulder external rotation on the dominant arm at the expense of internal rotation. 13,19 These increases in external rotation do not match the magnitude of the increases reported in the dominant arm of professional baseball pitchers. 19,56 Loss of both internal rotation and total rotation up to 10° to 15° in elite level tennis players occurs at 90° in the abducted shoulder. 13,19,41 Stretches of the posterior shoulder ...

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In most cases a 90mph fastball is harder to hit than a 130mph serve for a number of reasons. 1 when said hit to a baseball is swung at to hit hard at 90mph a tennis serve at 130mph can be basically blocked w racket much like a bunt in baseball or even using a larger surfaced racket to defacto catch the serve and with little swing motion and blunted back.