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BASIC SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES OF THE GAME. There six (6) basic volleyball skills, namely – 1. Passing. 2. Setting. 3. Spiking. 4. Blocking. 5. Digging. 6. Serving LESSON 2 – RULES AND REGULATION GOVERNING THE GAMES. 1. Each team consist of 6 players and 6 substitutes. 2. Each team can hit the ball up to three times before the ball must be returned. 3.

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Volleyball The history, rules, and basic skills involved in volleyball A brief History Created in the United States in 1885 William Morgan of the Young Men s ...

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Rules and skills of Volleyball i. Basic Skills of Volleyball: a. Serving: b. Over-head Service: Basic Skills of Volleyball: i. Serving Overhead Service: Underhand Service: ii. Passing iii. Tip iv. Dig v. Rebound vii. Scoring viii. Rotation ix. Playing the Game (Volley) x. Receiving:

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The play consisted of any number of players keeping a ball in motion from one side to the other over a net raised 6 feet 6 inches above the floor. Play is started by a player on one side serving the ball over the net into the opponents’ field or court.

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History of Volleyball. Volleyball is a sport of American origin created in the nineteenth century. Known and popular in much of the world, being present in many of the events and international sports tournaments, such as the Olympic Games and the Pan American Games. Practiced both on open and closed courts, as well as practically equal the ...

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A defensive play by one or more front-row players meant to intercept a spiked ball. The combination of one, two or three players jumping in front of the opposing spiker and contacting the spiked ball with the hands. Attack Block (Hard Block, Offensive Block) Returning the ball immediately to the attacker's court.

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Volleyball rules. A volleyball match consists of sets (from 3 to 5). The duration of the volleyball set is not limited and lasts until one team scores 25 points. If there is less than 2-point lead over the opponent, the set continues until the lead is increased. The match continues until one team wins three sets.

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6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row. Maximum of three hits per side. Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit) Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve. A ball hitting a boundary line is "in". A ball is "out" if it hits...