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The average duration of beach volleyball set is around 20 minutes in the professional level. This means that the total game length is approximately 40 to 45 minutes if another team wins by 2-0 or roughly 60 to 65 minutes if the game last three sets.

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Each level of the sport has its own unique factors that will shorten or lengthen the overall time a match takes. But to give you some idea… Most volleyball matches last between 60 and 90 minutes. And the duration of a typical single volleyball game is 20 - 25 minutes long. How Long is a Volleyball Game for Junior High School and Youth Volleyball?

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A typical volleyball game played to a best 2-of-3 sets usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes, though there’s no time restriction in a volleyball game. Each set may take around 20-30 minutes. A Rally Point System is used in the game, and whichever team gains 25 points wins the set, as long as they lead by 2 points.

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In professional play, volleyball games usually last 60 minutes, while social play is generally 45 minutes overall. Six players are positioned on opposite sides of the net, with three in the front and three in the back on either side. To win in volleyball, 25 points must be scored. If there is a one-point variation, or if the score is tied, then the teams will continue to play until there is a two-point difference between the winning and losing score.

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For NCAA volleyball, this time is extended to 75 seconds, although both teams may enter the court early when ready. In international and FIVB tournaments, teams are also given 2 technical timeouts lasting 60 seconds each.

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The ball needs to be set high enough to allow the hitter time to make their approach and attack. The set needs to put the ball close enough to the net that the hitter gets a great angle on their attack, but far enough away that the other team will not be able to play the ball or block really easily.

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Each team may request up to two 30-second time-outs during the volleyball match. In FIVB World and FIVB Official Competitions, officials automatically grant "technical time-outs" lasting 60 seconds once the leading team reaches eight and 16 points during sets one through four. In the deciding, fifth set, teams receive only two 30-second timeouts.

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Q. How long does it take to set up a volleyball set? A. If you have the poles in place, hanging the net between them only takes a couple of minutes. Just be sure to roll the net up before storing it to avoid tangles that you’ll have to spend time undoing the next time you want to play.