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Thumb Taping | Tape Your Own Thumb for Volleyball The “Anchor” is applied by placing a strip of tape below the wrist on your forearm. Gentle applying of the tape should help in preventing circulatory problems and work effectively as a point of fixation for other techniques.

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Complete method of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) thumb (MCP Joint) taping. This is commonly performed by the athlete so as not to require time from the coach or train...

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Step 1: Place the tape at the middle of your palm and start wrapping it across the fleshy part of the thumb. Step 2: Wrap around the back of your hand to just above the opposite corner of the wrist. Bring the tape above the thumb. Step 3: Finish the anchor by ending the tape at the corner opposite of the thumb.

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Please Like, Comment or Share! In response to coaches and athletes who have asked about how to tape a thumb, here is how I do it. The video is raw and un-edi...

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A good taping technique can help the joint rest by providing support and preventing further damage. Apply Ice – this will help reduce pain and swelling. Never apply ice directly to the skin as it may burn the skin. A wet tea towel or similar should prevent this. Compress with a compression support bandage.

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Volleyball is a game of precision, power and teamwork on the court. For the most powerful setting in volleyball, it is common to tape two of your fingers together for added support and strength, which is a technique known as "buddy taping." Taping fingers is also necessary when you've had a finger sprain or other injury that affects your game.

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How to tape your fingers for volleyball: 1. Place your hand flat on a hard surface. 2. Fold gauze neatly and place it between the fingers you wish to tape together, or just around the finger you wish to tape alone. 3. Wrap athletic tape around the base of the finger (s) – wrap up to 3 times. 4.

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The most common reason to tape a thumb is due to a sprain-type injury, usually caused by the thumb bending too far backward while skiing or playing sports such as basketball, volleyball or football. X Research source When the thumb is moved beyond its normal range of motion, the ligaments get torn to some degree — severe sprains can involve completely severed ligaments, for example.