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GENERAL TERMS: Ace-punta directo: Ball-in: balón bueno: Ball out-balón fuera: Beach volleyball-voley-playa: Block out-bloquero fuera: Dig-pase de mano baja: Dive-plancha: Hit-golpeo: Match-point-punto de partido: Power service-saque en mate: Screen-pantalla: Set-juego: Sky service-saque en suspensión: Tie-break-desempate: Setting-pase de colocación: Serving the volleyball-

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In this sense, learning volleyball terms in Spanish expands your vocabulary, just as learning about basketball, golf, or music in Spanish does. Volleyball in Spanish: Vocabulary Guide If you want to play volleyball in Spanish, you need to learn the basic volleyball rules, the meaning of terms such as “volleyball court” or “volleyball setter,” and even some popular slang about this beautiful game.

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Volleyball is a beautiful game, and talking about Volleyball in Spanish should now be easier for you after going through all these specialized terms in Spanish. Remember to practice them at home or in real-life conversations with native Spanish speakers so that you can introduce them slowly into your Spanish vocabulary.

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Nos gusta jugar al voleibol los fines de semana. b. el vóleibol. (m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (M) We went to Ipanema to play volleyball.Fuimos a Ipanema a jugar al vóleibol. c. el balonvolea.

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Agüero, Cardullo, Barazza, Del Core, Lucia Bosetti, Sokolova, Fofao, Godina, Đerisilo, Kimura, Takeshita, Tomkom, Yeon-Koung Kim, Kim Sa-Nee, Han Song-Yi, Zhang Lei, Yunli Xu. Apr 29th 2009. #1. I have an idea, it would be useful for all of us to have a list of volleyball words in various languages. I can start with a list in Italian.